Sundays with the Mackies

Sundays are a time for rest and relaxation here at the Macky house. After a hard weeks worth of running around and causing trouble, the Mackies like to rest the day away in their favorite cat condos.

They both have their favorite spots to catch a few zzz’s. Little Mack likes to sleep on the top level of her condo and stare out the window while Macky likes to sleep in the third level round bed.

Not to worry tho, because you can bet they’ll be up to their usual shenanigans in no time.

Of course, a cat can only sleep so much before the slightest provocation awakes him.  Naps are often interrupted by the occasional squirrel running along the fence outside. Little Mack wakes up to see whats going on outside.

A sturdy screen is all that prevents her from taking chase. But it won’t be long before she manages to tear that screen opeen and cause that squirrel a whole lot of trouble.

Oh Little Macky, you BIG trouble maker!


Reviewed by Otis C. Cat

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