Cat Eye Bed


Key features:

  • machine washable bed lining makes cleaning a breeze
  • stackable, each bed supports up to 25 lbs.
  • doubles as bed and scratching pad
  • great way to add a vertical element to your cats environment

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Product Description

This stackable multi use cat bed/scratchers makes a great product for your cat. Your cat can lay inside and catch himself a quick nap or scratch his little hearts content. Buy just one or get yourself as many as you need to stack them as high as you wanna go.

Each bed supports up to 25lbs. These beds will look great in a modern style dwelling or a country side cabin. The bed lining is removable and completely safe for machine washing. Perfect for single cat households or those with multiple feline entities!

What are your waiting for? Get your cat one of these awesome stackable cat bed/scratchers now!