Spoil your cats with cool stuff!

8 Supersized Cat Trees Your Big Cat Needs In His Life Right Now!

These big cat trees were built for your big, fat, lovable cats


large cat tree
Fat cats rejoice. These extra large cat trees were built just for you!


Are you ready for something cool? Well here it is. Below I present you 8 super sized cat trees that your big cat needs in his life right now!


But don't take my word for it. Put his little face up against the screen and have him look for himself.


I think you'll find his reaction to be one of shock and amazement.  He'll sit there on your coffee table giving you that stare. You know the stare. The I want it now stare.

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Fat cats need fat trees. Click image to shop for cat trees.


Large Cat Trees for Large Cats


These supersized cat trees can handle the biggest of cats. He might need some help getting up into it, but once he is up there, he'll love you for the rest of your lives. Give them a look and see which one the two of you thinks will fit in front of his favorite sunny window.



Check out these 8 Large Cat Trees for your large cat

A Big Time Cat Tree For Big Cats

Here's a large cat tree that will look great in front of that huge window in your living room. You cat will love spending hours looking out at all the activity outside. Cats love being up high and this tree gives him just that. He's got his choice of 3 perches set up high. Or if he needs a little bit of privacy, and what cat wouldn't appreciate that, he can go inside the enclosed condo and hide away from the world.


And let's fact it. Cats also love to scratch. With multiple sisal wrapped scratching posts, your cat will never run out of places to satisfy his urge to scratch away, saving your expensive furniture the wrath of his sharp claws.


It's built strong and sturdy enough to handle multiple cats or one very large lucky cat. Get more info by clicking the link below.






The Multi Level Cat Tree Your Cat Always Wanted



Here's a cat tree that has everything your big cat could possibly want, the only exception being an elevator.  With multiple levels, condo enclosures, perches and other cool amenities, this tree can handle anything your big cat throws its way.

Just make sure you have the room in your house cause this big boy is gonna need it.


  • Multiple perches at various levels. Place next to a window to give your cat the best views
  • Two cat condos giving your cats privacy when nap time comes around
  • Top level perches give your cats the height they need and love to look outside or  just stare down at you with their judgemental eyes.

Click below to make your cats dreams come true.





Large Beige Cat Tree With Dual Condos


As if your cat needed another reason to lay down in front of his favorite window, this multi level cat tree with multiple perches is exactly what any cat needs to stare out the windows for hours on end.


If you have more than one cat, this tree is perfect for you since there's a place for all cats to claim as their own with 3 top level perches, perfect for viewing  and 2 mid level enclosed condos. All you need to provide is the milk and fish and your cat will love you forever. Kidding about the milk because as we all know it makes your cats do things you don't want him to do. But I digress.



  • Beige color
  • sisal wrapped posts perfect for your cat to scratch
  • Super tall which makes it perfect for window viewing
  • Hanging toys from multiple spots
  • Sturdy construction, won't tip over no matter how hard you cat hits it


Stop waiting and go take a look at this coo condo.


Cat Tree Condo with Sisal Scratching Posts and a really cool Hammock


Large Cat Tree/Condo with Sisal Scratching Posts and a Hammock too

Here's another large cat tree that offers all kinds of cool stuff for your cats. It's large and sturdy and makes the perfect gift for your cat any time of the year. Did I mention this tree has a hammock? A hammock. What cat wouldn't want a hammock.


WARNING: Hammock does not accommodate humans



  • Cozy cat bed rising high above your living room
  • Large enclosed cat condo giving your cat much needed privacy
  • A hammock, yes hammock, perfect for napping, or just lounging around wasting time


Show your cat this picture and ask him if he wants it. I already know the answer to that one.


Vets Are Expensive. Pick Up Some Pet Insurance To Help With Your Costs.

69 inches of Fun and Adventure Cat Tree


Your super sized cat will love and appreciate this super sized cat tree. It's built extra sturdy, large enough to handle the chunkiest of cats. With multiple platforms and hammocks, you  cat will have his choice of spots to nap. A couple of enclosures in the center give him a cozy hideaway to escape the the craziness in your home. Something all cats could use every now and again. Place it by a big sunny window and your cat will love your forever!



  • Safe & Stable: This exclusive luxury cat tree tower is crafted out of CARB-certified P2-grade particle board, featuring high density construction and superior durability, ensures overall stability of the cat tree.The posts are coiled with natural sisal. A strip is provided to attach the cat tree to the wall as the prevention of tipping over.
  • Multi-layered Playhouse: This multiple level cat tree is designed for more than one cats to play at the same time. Spacious cat tree expands the usable area vertically and offers more space for pets to climb and explore.



Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo Furniture

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo Furniture

Built super wide and super tall, this fun cat tree will be best for those multi cat households. Your cats will have spend hours of fun climbing, playing, swinging and jumping all over this tree. What are you waiting for? Indulge your cat now!


  • BEAUTIFUL AND DURABLE This Cat Tree is made from highly durable compressed wood, wrapped with high quality Faux Fur finish to keep your cats warmed and cozy. Multiple scratching posts are covered by natural sisal ropes which is perfect for your cats to scratch, climb, play and become active. Easy to assemble with included tools and instructions.
  • COMFORT AND ENTERTAINMENT FOR YOUR CAT: Your cat needs a space of their own to rest and play. They can take a nap or play around as much as they want; this cat tree lets your cat be more active. The Go Pet Club cat tree is durable enough for endless amount of playtime for your cat.
  • DIMENSIONS : * Overall Size : 70"W x 18"L x 92"-106"H * (Top pole is adjustable and can be attached to the ceiling) * Size of 2 Condo houses to sleep in : 25"W x 13"L x 12"H * Size of 2 Baskets : 12"W x 12"L * Size of 4 Cradles : 8. 5"W x 7. 5"L x 8. 5"H



BEWISHOME Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo with Sisal Scratching Posts, Perches

Any cat who gets this will be the talk of the town. Featuring a cozy perch and hammock, plus two perches high above, spoil your cat with this awesome cat tree/cozy cat hideaway.


  • ROOMY AND ENJOYABLE: 2 nicely cushioned and large platform beds with raised edging for your fur babies to sit on and look out the window, 2 spacious hideaway houses with plenty of lounging room for your kitties to sleep, sisal scratching posts to deter cats from clawing up your furniture, a cozy hammock and 2 baskets, interactive jingly balls to play with, several layers layout for climbing up and down. This cat condo will be big enough for your large cat, fun enough for your little one
  • SIZE: 23.8"L x 18.1"D x 57.1"H (60.5 x 46 x 145cm), perfect for large kitties/adult cats





Tangkula Large Cat Tree, Cat Tree House Pet Furniture

This huge tree is really two trees connected together by a set of steps. Put this by a window and let your cats pick out there favorite spot and just stare out into the world. Spoil your cat with this huge tree now!



  • This cat tree is a exclusive space of your cats, as you know, cat's sharp claws will scratch the furniture and drapes, so they need this cozy home of their own to have fun, take a nap or jump around, this cat tree allows them have the perfect place to play.
  • The cat tree is coated with plush faux fur and hemp rope, it's extremely comfortable and skin-friendly, and the wear-resisting material also meet cats' need of sharpen their claws.



Would you like to see a lot more cat trees?


Well there you have it. 8 super sized cat trees built for large cats. Hopefully you'll find something you and your cats will enjoy for many years to come.