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The real Otis when he was a kitten.

Welcome to CoolKittyCondos. Thanks for visiting. I initially started this site to showcase products cats and humans alike would enjoy having in their homes, products meant to enhance the lives of the cats we love.

What started as a cat furniture site has morphed into an all encompassing cat lifestyle blog designed to help you spoil your cats like they've never been spoiled before.

I employ (and by employ i mean bribe with cat treats) a small contingent of cat staff who help me scour the internet looking for cool stuff we think you and your cats will love too.  Our cats have access to some of the coolest stuff around and they let us know what they like and what they don't like. On our store we try to showcase a wide variety of products we think your cats will love.

Check out our store and read our blog.

Feel free to look around our site and help yourself to some catnip in the refreshments room.

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Thanks for visiting!