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Otis loves to eat


Welcome fellow cat lovers everywhere.

Like many of you, I have a cat (his name is Otis) who loves to climb, jump, crawl and explore every nook and cranny of my home. To me here is nothing more enjoyable than watching him get into all kinds of silly adventures as he tries to satisfy his endless curiosity. You’d be surprised at all the tall places you’d never think in a million years he’d be able to climb himself up onto. Cats love heights and the safety a high object can give him. You all know a cats natural instinct his to climb a tree when he’s trying to outrun danger out in the wild and your house cats are no exception. When a cat feels threatened he will try to climb as high as possible to get himself up into a safe and secure place away from harm.

Unfortunately for most indoor cats, a lot of homes just don’t provide enough vertical spaces for our furry friends. This can be the source of a lot of anxiety for a house cat. Aside from a bookcase or maybe a really tall dresser, what are vertical seeking cat to do?

Give him a cat tree of course you silly human!

One way to help satisfy your cats need to climb is to get him his very own cat tree. Cat trees come in all kinds of shapes and sizes ranging from the extra large cat gyms that are big enough to fill up an entire living room, to the simple one post designs that fit comfortable in any small space. No matter what your needs, we here at CoolKittyCondos will help you find that perfect condo that will fit your living situation just right.

That’s Otis. Aren’t he cute?

Cat trees and condos come with all kinds of really cool amenities. I’ve seen jungle themed trees that come with swings, ropes, hammocks, branches, anything you can think of that any cat would love to have.

Here’s a list of a few types of cat furniture available at CoolKittyCondos:

  1. Cat Trees
  2. Cat Beds
  3. Cat Condos
  4. Cat Towers
  5. Assorted Cat Furniture
  6. Scratching Post/Poles

So feel free to look around at all the products here and remember that no matter what the needs of you and your cat are, there is a piece of cat furniture that is perfect for you and your kitty. I hope you enjoy your time here and please tell all your cat loving friends about us.

If you got any comments, questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.

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