Spoil your cats with cool stuff!

ll right. So you’ve decided to make your cat the happiest cat in the world and buy him his very own kitty condo. Well, before you run out and make that huge of a purchase, you might want to do a little bit of homework and keep a few things in mind first.

Here’s are 4 things you have to consider before buying a cat condo.

1.    Size
2.    Location
3.    Toxicity of Materials
4.    Your Cat

First and foremost you might want to have some kind of idea as to just how big a condo you and your home can accommodate. How will you get it home? Home delivery can be your best friend here. Once you do get inside your home, do you have an ideal location for it? Will it fit with all the rest of the furniture in your home? Get one too big and you and your cat will be roommates living inside of the thing since you won’t be able to fit all your own furniture in the room anymore.

Second is location. You should have an idea of where in your home you’re going to put the condo. Cat’s love to look outside, why not put the condo next to the biggest window of the house. If you don’t mind seeing a giant cat condo in front of your favorite window, this might be an ideal place.

A typical cat condo.

Or maybe you want to sitt it smack dab in the middle of your living room? Where will the Christmas tree go come the holidays? How will your family feel about it? Will it go in your hubbies office with the awesome view? If he’s more of a dog person you better make sure he’s kosher with the idea. You don’t want Fluffy getting on his nerves as she sheds her fur all over his brand new laptop.


Another hugely important factor to consider is the quality of the materials used to make the condo. Certain types of wood and glue may be toxic to your cat. Make sure the condo is built with high quality pet specific materials that are 100% pet safe. Don’t skimp here. The last thing you want to do is make your cat sick from something that should be a time of immense joy in his life.

Quality of the product must come before all else. Buy from a reputable company who specializes in producing cat furniture. Homemade ones are great but if the person building it doesn’t know what he’s doing, then it’s your cat who will suffer in the end.

Lastly, consider your cat. What kind of cat is he? Does he love to run jump climb and play? Or is he more of a lazy type who’d rather sleep the day away in  his favorite bed. Your cats personality should steer you into deciding just how big and what kind of amenities you should look for in a condo.

Active playful cats will love the multi level condos with multiple strings and climbing surfaces. The more perches the better. If your cat is the nappy kind, make sure the condo comes with a hideaway so that he can have his own little escape from the world. Or if he prefers the feel of the sun on his back as he sleeps, make sure there is an uncovered plush bed that you can place by a sunlit window. Whatever type of personality your cat has, you are sure to find the perfect condo to match.

As with all major purchases, and with most cat condos going over the $100 mark this definitely qualifies as a major purchase, do a little bit of homework and cover all your bases. If you keep some of the things I’ve mentioned here in mind when selecting your cat his new piece of furniture than you and your cat will be just fine.

Your cat is lucky to have someone that cares and loves him as much as you do. Now go out and get your cat his condo and make him the happiest little feline on the face of the planet!!!