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5 Reasons Why You Should Hide Your Cats Litter Box

Unless your cat is toilet trained, you’re gonna need to buy him a litter box.


If you’ve ever thought about hiding your cats litter box in an enclosure but just haven’t done it yet, here are 5 reasons that will convince you why it’s a good idea.


1) Your Cat Will Never Be Potty Trained


While it may be tempting to spend a million hours trying to train your cat to use the human toilet, it’s time to face the reality that it’s just not going to happen so give it up. You’re gonna have to deal with staring at a litter box so why not at least hide it in a gorgeous looking litter box enclosure. (Shop litter box enclosures here)


2) Hide It For The Sake Of Your Future House Guests


How embarrassing is it when your friends and family come over for a visit and your cat decides to take a big fat you know what in his litter box right there in front of everyone to see. Not very sightly.


Let’s face it. Nobody likes looking at a litter box no matter how clean you think it is, and that goes especially for your house guests. Your cat on the other hand could probably care less about such mundane things but you’re guests are human and like most rational humans they find a dirty litter box to be a fairly vomit inducing sight.


Litter box enclosures and cabinets
Seriously. Who needs to see this.


3) Keeping It In An Enclosure Makes Cleanup A Breeze


Placing a litter box in an enclosure makes clean up time so much easier. You know what happens when cats start burying his “stuff”. Dirty shards of litter gets thrown all over your clean floors and expensive furniture leaving you a huge mess to clean up. Such a hassle.


By having the litter box inside an enclosure, all the dirty litter stays inside where the enclosure ready to be cleaned up at your leisure. Are you getting convinced you need a litter box enclosure?


4) Litter Box Concealment Is Easy


There’s a ton of products on the market built for such a task. These enclosures are stylish, spacious and look a whole lot nicer than a stand alone litter box.


Your cat goes in, does his business and voila. Some things are better left unseen. You’re getting convinced aren’t you?


litter box enclosure
Wouldn’t you rather stare at this than a exposed dirty litter box? Of course you would silly.


5) Your Cat Enjoys His Privacy


Your cat is just like you. He needs his privacy when doing certain deeds. How would you like it if your toilet was in the middle of your living room. Give your cat the privacy he deserves, for the sake of his and your sanity.


So now that you have more than enough reasons why you should hide your cats litter box in an enclosure you may be asking yourself where do you buy such a product.


Option 1 is you could go to your local pet shop to choose from a product from their limited supply, but then you’ll have to lug the big thing back to your home. Why would you do that when there’s an easier way.


Buy it online and have it delivered to your front door.


Below are some litter box enclosure cabinets for sale on Amazon. Take a look and buy something that you and your cat will love. You owe it to him and your future house guests.





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