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Best Bets for Balancing a New Pet and a New Business 

Whether you’re working from a home or business office, having some non-human companionship like a cat can be an enjoyable stress reliever. But how do you balance work and your new pet? 

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If you’ve opted to welcome a new pet at the same time you launch your business, you may have some juggling to do to ensure both pet and venture get the time and attention they need. A bit of advanced planning can help ensure a positive experience for all, as can pampering your new fur baby with toys and accessories from CoolKittyCondos

Prepare Home and Office

Cats, in particular, are creatures of habit, so if you plan to have them with you at home and in the office, you’ll want to create familiar environments and routines. For example, cats may “mark” territory that feels unfamiliar, so keep identical litter boxes in your home and workspaces, along with identical bedding, toys, and scratching/climbing apparatuses. You’ll also want to pet-proof your home, as well as introduce transportation early on, particularly if you’re using a cat carrier. Some cats are averse to riding in cars and can get motion sick, so consult with your vet if this causes stress for your feline.

Create Routines

According to the Way of Cats, kitties can learn to thrive on routines, particularly as they relate to feeding, litter scooping, and sleeping times. Whatever routine you establish for your business, ensure you’re taking your pet’s needs into consideration. You may otherwise have a cat that’s crying for a meal during a phone conference. Pencil in time for play and personal attention, and use feather dancers and laser pointers to entertain your kitty and provide some exercise. Just like a child running off energy, giving your cat some heavy playtime in advance of a call, meeting, or deadline will tire them out and give you uninterrupted work time. Use caution that you don’t point a laser in your cat’s eyes.  

Arrange for “Cat Care”

Although cats are more solitary than dogs and can do well for long periods on their own, you may want to hire a pet sitter, utilize a pet daycare center, or install a video monitor to keep a remote eye on your kitty. You can also utilize apps and gadgets to make your pet care routine easier. For example, you can purchase remote-controlled treat dispensers and self-scooping litter boxes. You can also download apps that provide first aid tips for cats, as well as track feeding, vaccinations, and growth and development. While it’s advisable that all cats be indoor-only, it might be worthwhile to use an app-associated tracking device on your cat’s collar that can help you pinpoint their location if they wander off. The American Red Cross offers a free app for just this purpose.

Hire Help

Even the most organized and time-conscious entrepreneur can’t juggle every single task that comes their way. Reduce stress and free up time for personal pursuits by hiring out services where appropriate. Some business functions are easy to hand off to professionals, like web design help, mobile app development, or graphic design. Hiring a virtual assistant can also help you manage your schedule and handle administrative tasks. Online job boards allow you to post jobs for freelancers and get quickly connected with reliable and capable candidates. Always read reviews and ask about cost and turnaround time before hiring anyone.

Welcoming a new pet into your home at the same time you launch your business is a good way to ensure you’re creating a healthy balance between your personal life and your work. Some pre-planning and patience will go a long way to ensuring success on both fronts. Don’t forget to show your cat some love with high-quality beds, climbing, and scratching trees by shopping for pet care essentials at Cool Kitty Condos.

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