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First-Time Cat Owner? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Adopting Your First Feline



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If you’ve always loved cats and have finally bit the bullet and decided to adopt – congratulations! You’re in for a lifetime of love and laughter. You’re also doing your part and helping take abandoned cats off the streets. But before you bring your new feline home, there’s quite a lot of preparation that needs to be undertaken. Here, CoolKittyCondos shares essential tips for first-time adopters. 


Create a Safe Room


Over three million cats in American shelters have faced abuse and abandonment of some sort, Kitten Coalition reports. This can result in much trauma, especially if your cat is young. Expect your cat to be cautious and perhaps even withdrawn or skittish around you the first few days. To help your kitty feel secure and protected, prepare a safe room that acts as their sanctuary. This area should be quiet, with lots of comfortable bedding (we love these options from CoolKitty Condos!) and games. Ensure the room has a door and secured windows and is close enough to you for easy monitoring. Bonus tip: have lots of hiding places in the safe room! Cats are nervous creatures and will adapt better if they have nooks and corners to hide in. Cardboard boxes and draped sheets will do the trick for this, but avoid heavy furniture like dressers and beds.


Get Acquainted (Slowly)


If your new friend is still shy after a few weeks at home, try going the extra mile to help them get acquainted with you. You can do this by leaving used t-shirts or clothing items in the room to help them get accustomed to your scent. In addition, be sure to start spending more time with your cat. Start with shorter periods, and then work your way up to more extended periods of quality time. And spending time together doesn’t necessarily mean playing or petting. Inverse reports that cats enjoy their alone time, so even just reading in the same room or working on your laptop is a good way for them to get used to you (without the pressure).


Setting Up Shop


Once your feline is used to you and you become friends, it will be time to settle them into the house for real. Introduce your kitty to all the other spaces within your home, and keep items of comfort in each room. This can include water and food bowls and lots of toys. In addition, keep in mind that cats tend to get bored when stuck at home for prolonged periods. Set up condos and cat trees, so your feline has lots of opportunities for play and exploration, as well as other interactive toys for when they’re home alone. And once your cat is comfortable with the home environs, they will likely be ready to start exploring the great outdoors too. Letting your cat go outside can prevent boredom and restlessness, as well as aggressions in the form of scratching or biting. Installing a cat door will be vital in giving your friend the freedom to explore outside at their will. However, when you’re looking for the perfect cat door, be sure to look for a manufacturer that offers replacement parts in case of damage. Easy to install and lock devices will also be a bonus.


If you’re getting overwhelmed at all the work you need to do before the kitty gets home, don’t worry. The good news is that cats are relatively independent and highly effective at taking care of themselves. Just focus on providing a safe and comfortable home for your furry feline, and you should have a thriving home cat in no time!


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