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Masks Aren’t Just For Covid: Should You Wear A Mask When Cleaning the Litter Box?

As much as we all hate masks, especially the last 2 years, mask wearing can have extreme benefits for us when we’re scooping out our cats litter box. Here’s why.

wear a mask when cleaning your cats litter box


You Breath in a Ton of Bad Litter Dust

You can’t see it but every time you clean your cats litter box, you make a LOT of dust. 
Think about all the dust that’s  generated with every scoop. Take the number of times each week you spend scooping and then multiply that by the number of weeks in a year times the number of years you’ve lived with your cat. Now that is a LOT of dust you’ve breathed in over the course of your cats life. 


So What’s in that Litter Dust?

Depending on the type of cat litter you use, the dust you make scooping can have big time negative health effects for you. According to thefluffykitty.com some common kitty litter contains the ingredients, sodium bentonite and crystaline silica dust, both of which have been shown to have adverse effects in humans. Short term exposure is fine, but think about all the time we spend breathing in those chemicals each and every time we scoop. Not good my friends. 

Even if you use an all natural corn based product like Natures Miracle Clumping Corn Cob litter, you avoid the toxicity of the above mentioned ingredients but you still have to contend with breathing in your cats feces and pee. Small particles of each end up in your lungs with each and every scoop. Again over time that’s a lot of exposure that builds up in our lungs. 


How Can I Protect Myself?

Common sense would dictate you wear a mask. Nothing fancy, any mask that cuts down exposure to dust will do. Click here to find some helpful masks on Amazon. On top of wearing a mask, switch to a low dust kitty litter (click here to find some great products) to cut down exposure to chemicals and ingredients that may be harmful to you and your cats in the long run. 


But Masks Suck and Aren’t Cool and People Will Laugh At Me



Final Words

Scooping your cats litter box sucks but it doesn’t have to be an adverse health affecting endeavor. Do simple things like wear a mask when scooping and use low dust all natural kitty litter products and you should be well protected from the damaging effects of toxic litter dust. And if the thought of having to wear a mask disgusts you, well c’est la vie. Just don’t come crying to me saying I didn’t warn you when you develop whatever horribly disfiguring lung infection you get in 20 years time.

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