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Moving Into a New Home With a Cat: Quick Tips

The vast majority of us will move at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, our feline friends may not be too keen on the idea. But, if you keep your stress levels down and follow these tips, everyone’s claws will stay in, and you’ll all make it to your new home happy and healthy, even if you’re moving into cramped quarters.


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Prepare Ahead of Time


When you’re planning to move, you will likely drive to your new destination. Unfortunately, cats, unlike dogs, don’t often enjoy car rides. Make sure that you have a pet carrier. You can find a great one in our store here. Get your cat used to riding in their travel carrier at least a few weeks before the move.


Reduce Stress


There is no way to completely eliminate stress when you’re relocating, whether you have a furry friend along for the ride or not. But, there are a few steps you can take now to ease your own anxieties. One of these is to determine how much you can realistically afford when you move. Redfin explains that you can determine your DTI (debt-to-income) ratio by adding up how much you spend each month and comparing it to how much you make. You also want to check your credit score and report. Having a grasp on your finances is one of the best ways to alleviate stress, which is important because your cat definitely picks up on your emotions.


Making Your Cat Comfortable


As moving day gets nearer, it’s time to start planning how you’ll make your cat comfortable in their new home. On moving day, choose a safe room in both homes. Make sure their area has a litter box, water, food, and the toys that they typically play with. When your new home is much smaller than the one you’re leaving, give your cat plenty of options to have their own space, such as a window-mounted cat pod in each room.


Safety First


Having a bedroom or other safe room is crucial, but you’ll also want to update your cat’s identification. Not only should your cat have a collar (preferably, one that fits correctly) with their name and your contact information, but you should also register their microchip. Preventative Vet explains that registering your cat’s microchip is free when you use the universal registry from Found Animals Foundation. If your animal came to you with a microchip, confirm that their prior owner’s information is updated with your own.


Give Them Space

Cats only require about 18 square feet of living space. Even the smallest house should be able to easily provide this. But, if you have more than one cat, make sure they have approximately this much space each as well as plenty of places to climb and scratch. Importantly, as Senior Cat Wellness explains, you also want to make sure they have places to retreat to, such as a window ledge, cat tower, or bed.


Even when you’re moving to a more affordable home and you have your finances under control, moving is a stressful experience. Moving with the cat can be doubly so. But, if you follow the advice above, which includes keeping them safe in transit and giving each kitty in your life a safe space to call their own, you’ll settle in with ease. Moving happens, and you can make the transition easier for everyone in your entourage by planning ahead and prioritizing your pet’s safety.



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