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Purr-fect Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

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Purr-fect Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 63.8 percent of US households own a cat or a dog. Therefore, you probably have someone on your holiday gift list who is a pet owner. Most pet lovers consider their furry friends as part of the family. So, when you are shopping for Christmas gifts this October, don’t forget to pick up a few pet-related items. Check out these six gift ideas that will be much appreciated by pet owners (and their pets) this holiday season.

Cat Tree

If you have a friend or family member who owns a cat (or a few), give the gift of a cat tree. A cat tree will allow their favorite felines to climb, scratch, lounge, and play for hours on end. While some cat trees are very simple, others like those from CoolKittyCondos are elaborate with multiple levels, tunnels, ladders, hideouts, and much more. Figure out your shopping budget and then begin to whittle down your options from there to find the perfect cat tree in your price range. It’s also a good idea to check out online ratings and reviews of products to make sure you’re getting a quality item that’s affordable and will last.

Pet Camera

For busy pet owners who are out during the day, give them the gift of a pet camera so they check in on their pets anytime. Some pet cameras have two-way audio and video functionality so owners can talk to their pets through a smartphone app. Other cameras even allow away-from-home owners to play and interact with their pet using a laser pointer and reward them with snacks from the camera’s dispenser.

Automatic Litter Box

No one likes their house to smell like it’s home to multiple cats. These days, you can find litter boxes that automatically remove waste from the litter. That way, the owner doesn’t have to scoop out the poop or clean the litter box for weeks. These types of boxes are easy to clean and virtually odorless, making them the perfect holiday gift for cat lovers.

Personalized Apparel and Home Goods

A survey by MiMedia Inc. indicated that cat owners take four to five pictures of their cats every day, while dog owners take around two. That’s definitely a lot of photos! Undoubtedly, your pet-loving friend has posted pictures of their fur baby on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media. So, snag one of those pictures and have it printed on a T-shirt, hoodie, coffee mug, or other items. Websites like Snapfish and Shutterfly can print pictures on everything from mousepads to calendars and playing cards to coasters.

Cat-Shaped Accessories

From cat-shaped smartphone cases to catty jewelry, you are sure to find the perfect accessories for anyone with a feline friend. No matter the age or gender of the cat owner on your holiday gift list, cat accessories will be appreciated as an everyday reminder of their favorite companion.

A Pet-Friendly Vacation

If you want to give your friend and their pet a real treat, give them a Kimpton gift card. The Kimpton hotel chain has more than 60 locations in the US and has no additional charge for any pets. They provide loaner pet beds, food and water bowls, mats, and scratch posts in the rooms. Some of their hotels even host a complimentary nightly wine reception for visitors – and pets are invited too. This is a perfect gift for people who like to travel with their furry pals.
Make holiday shopping a little more fun this season. When you are looking for Christmas gifts for your pet-loving friends and relatives, think a little outside the box and come up with something creative that will reflect their love for their favorite animals.

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