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Tips for Keeping Your House Neat and Clean When You Have Pets

Cleaning up after your pets shouldn’t bankrupt you. These budget-friendly solutions will help you keep your home looking great so you can live harmoniously with your pets.

Keeping your house clean with cats

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Pets aren’t cheap. Sure, you can adopt a pet from the shelter for a low price, but after that, you have years of vet care, food, treats, and grooming to budget for. One expense that catches pet owners by surprise is the cost of keeping a clean house when you have pets. If you don’t want your house to look like it’s run by cats and dogs, you need the right organizational and cleaning tools on hand. And unfortunately, that means spending more.

Disguising Pet Gear

You’ve spent hours of time and a good chunk of change decorating your home. As a result, everything is perfect for your tastes. Everything, that is, except for the tattered dog bed in the corner and the litter box taking over your guest bathroom.


Instead of letting unsightly pet accessories diminish your décor, disguise them. You can find designs for DIY dog beds that match your furniture and crates that blend seamlessly into your living room design. Use the same approach for your cat’s litter box by purchasing litter box furniture that complements your home’s décor. Litter box furniture is available in a variety of designs and finishes, so you can read reviews and recommendations to buy the right style.


Tired of tripping over pet toys? Shrink your pet’s toy collection to a few favorites and stock up. That way, when a toy gets destroyed, you can quickly replace it with a new one. If you’re up for a challenge, Animal Behavior College suggests training your dog to put its toys away. If it’s easier to do it yourself, buy a storage chest or freestanding cabinet where you can organize your pet’s toys, leashes, and other supplies out of sight.

Keep Things Decluttered

A decluttered home is easier to clean — there’s no doubt about that. When you have pets, keeping things neat and tidy can help prevent them from knocking things off shelves and turning your favorite knick-knacks into toys. So, put away or toss out any non-essential items, especially those that are enticing to your pet.


This is particularly true if you have a home office. Not only will keeping all those paperclips organized prevent your pet from scattering them across the room, but it will keep them from potentially choking if they attempt to swallow the objects. Take a careful look around your office and try to declutter the things that could pose a threat to your pet. Who knows? Once you have your office tidy, you may have room for a really cool kitty condo!

Eliminating Pet Odor

Pet-specific stain removers and vacuum cleaners cost more than their standard counterparts, but it’s money well-spent. The best pet stain and odor removers use beneficial enzymes that break down odor-causing bacteria found in pet urine, feces, and vomit, while pet-specific vacuums clean pet fur out of furniture and carpets without burning out. 


Consider hiring nearby professional furniture cleaners to get a deep clean. Sourcing a reputable cleaner is easy thanks to online service directories, which also provide ratings and reviews from past customers. When choosing a pro, you can judge their quality and experience by the tools they use. Make sure you get a few quotes before hiring someone.


If you want to save money on clean-up, mess prevention is better than penny-pinching on supplies. House train your pets and provide plenty of opportunities to use the bathroom. Adult dogs should go outside at least every six to eight hours; if you work nine-to-five, look for an affordable dog walker through apps like Wag! or Rover. Cats need one litter box per cat, plus one extra. Experiment with different litter box styles to find the one your cat likes best and keep it clean so it doesn’t decide your bedspread makes a better toilet.


Urine and feces aren’t the only sources of pet odor. If pets aren’t groomed regularly, their natural odors could lead to a funky-smelling home. In addition to routine grooming, take care of your pet’s teeth and ears to prevent infections and unpleasant smells. You should also replace your home’s air filter at least once a month so pet dander is filtered out of indoor air instead of settling into soft surfaces where it triggers allergies.


Pet owners will go to extreme lengths to keep their homes clean, including building pet suites just for dogs and cats. But let’s be honest: A pet-friendly remodel is not in the budget for most pet owners. If you want to keep your house clean and your budget intact, smart design choices and a timely pet care regimen are the smartest approaches.

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