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How Big Should A Cats Litter Box Be?

This article will give you tips on how to choose the right size litter box for your cat, which in the long run will help prevent your cat from engaging in possible bad litter box behavior in the future. How awesome is that?

Litter boxes come in all shapes, sizes and cool interesting designs. The one you choose should be one that best suits the needs of your cat, not necessarily his human. If you have a small apartment, sure a tiny litter box would make sense for you, but would that necessarily be a good thing for your cat? Choosing a litter box that’s the right size for your cat will save yourself and your cat a lot of misery in the long run.

And the best part is we’ll show you how to find the right size litter box that’s good for your cat, how to measure your cat and some common issues that can tip you off that you’ve got the wrong size box. After reading this article, you will be an expert at choosing the perfect size for any cat.

How to measure your cat for her litter box.

Ok so first things first. You can’t know what size litter box to get your cat without knowing her size. There are two measurements we’re going to need, the length and height of your cat.

Here’s how to measure each:

Measuring their length – The way to measure your cats length is to measure from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail extended outward.

Measuring their height(while standing) – Their height should be measured from the top of his ear to the bottom of their paw as if they were walking. To measure their height in the sitting position, you measure from the top of their ear to the bottom of their cat butt. Add an addition 5 inches for a cat who likes to pee while crouching.

Now that you know the size of your cat, you can choose the right size litter box for her.

What size should my cats litter box be?

Based on my extensive research, the length of your cats litter box should be 1 and 1 half times the size of your largest cat as measured from the tip of their tail, when extending outward, to the tip of their nose. Generally speaking, the box should be large enough that your cat can comfortably turn himself around in. The height should be tall enough so that he can sit down without the top of his head coming into contact with the top of the litter box. If you have a cat who likes to stand and crouch while peeing, the litter box height should be tall enough to accommodate your cats height while crouching.

Your cat should be able to turn around comfortably. He should be able to circle the box and dig around as needed without being too constricted or pressed up against the wall of the box while doing his thing.

Hints your cat may be giving you to let you know he thinks his litter box is too small.

If your cats litter box is too small, your cat will simply not use it. Or he may use it sometimes and other times relieve himself in other parts of your house.

If you see your cat walk up to a litter box, smell inside and then go somewhere else, assuming that the box is clean and has no weird odors, then he just might be trying to tell you that he does not like the box. Or if he actually goes in, smells around a bit and then goes back out without relieving himself, then you might have a size issue with your box.

If after you’ve measured your cat and you find that his box is just too small using the criteria given above, let’s start by getting him a bigger litter box. If after you’ve given a bigger box that matches his size, chances are he will start using his new correctly sized litter box for years to come. Problem solved!

Caution: Keep in mind there could be a wide range of reasons why your cat doesn’t use his litter box, some medical, some not. A small litter box is just one of many possible reasons why your cat isn’t using his litter box. Getting him a bigger litter box may not be the end all be all solution to his problem. Always seek a vets opinion to rule out any medical issue.

Issues kittens and older cats may face with small litter boxes.

Kittens and older cats may have issues getting into and out of the box. Kittens in particular may have issues climbing into a box with really high walls. If this is the case, cut out an opening to give him easier access. Or set up some steps with some old books lying around that you never got around to reading, or perhaps never will, so that he can climb up in the litter box easier. Old` phone books work great for this.

Older cats may have physical issues that make climbing into his litter box a little more difficult. Be very observant with your older cats and see if they are struggling to get in or out of his litter box. If he does have problems, come up with a solution to make his life a little more easy.

Common litter box sizes.

Litter boxes come in all sizes. Jumbo size litter pans can go as big as 22 inches x 16.5 inches and bigger. These are just the pans or trays as they are sometimes called. This is just a basic tray that you pour the litter in. Some litter boxes are fully self contained boxes with an entrance on the side or even the top. These boxes are cool because they keep the litter from scattering all over your floors. Other setups you may see are litter box enclosures. These are cabinets designed to hide litter trays. You simply place a litter tray inside of the cabinet and voila. Instant invisible litter box. The great thing about these enclosures is that they can come in some pretty big sizes giving bigger cats more than enough room to comfortably move around and do what he needs to do. You can’t go wrong here with the exception of one possible issue. If you have multiple cats who are highly territorial, you may find that one cat may stalk one of your other cats as they are using the litter box. With an enclosed litter box set up, you run the risk of trapping the cat who is inside without giving him an escape. If this is constantly happening, your cat may simply refuse to use the litter box and may use your bed instead. Not cool. If you find this is the case, you can solve this by placing multiple litter boxes throughout your house so that you cats aren’t so territorial about their box.

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