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2 Pan Litter Box Cabinet

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Here’s a great litter box cabinet perfect for multi cat households. This cabinet features litter pans on the bottom and top levels and it’s all packaged neatly in a cabinet enclosure. Each litter pan room has 2 points of entry so your kitty doesn’t feel trapped inside. This helps ensure that he can escape at the drop of a hat. Cats hate feeling trapped and will often not use a litter box if it feels too small. Your cat won’t have that problem here. He’ll feel completely safe and secure while doing what he needs to do.

Each room also features doors that open from the front giving you plenty of easy access when for it comes time to empty the litter.

Hooks on the door can be used to hang the scooper or waste bags. The inside corners of the cabinet are caulked making it waterproof, you know, in case any accidents happen. The wooden cabinet is a great way to  hide litter boxes while at the same time giving your cats not one but two places to conduct their catly duties.

If you’re looking for a litter box solution to your multi-cat household, maybe this dual pan cabinet is the choice for you



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