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Ruff ‘n Ruffus Cat Drinking Water Fountain with 3 FREE Filters + FREE Silicone Mat + FREE Handheld Toy | 2-Liter…

🐾 FOUNTAINS OF BONUSES 🐾 The Ruff ‘n Ruffus Cat Water Fountain is the complete package, coming with **3** FREE Bonuses to complement your fountain. Bonuses include 3 charcoal filters, Silicone Mat and a handhel Laser Toy.
🐾 HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION 🐾 Expertly crafted using BPA-free, food-grade plastic, this water fountain will provide long-lasting strength as well as a safe drinking experience for years to come. It even comes with a non-slip mat and filter.
🐾 THREE FLOW SETTINGS 🐾 This water fountain features a soft water stream, faucet-like stream with flowing water surface or gentle bubble water on fountain surface, allowing you to choose the setting that is best for your pet.

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A Fountain They’ll Love

We all know just how cats love pulling diva moves: if their drinking water isn’t fresh to their liking, they won’t touch it; if it just
doesn’t move the right way, they’ll go hunting around the sinks for some that does. And that’s where our cat drinking fountain
comes in! We’ve designed it to please the pickiest of kitties with a 2-liter recirculating system that constantly keeps the water at
peak freshness and a choice of 3 flow settings to suit the discerning taste of your feline diva. This means your cat gets to drink
more and gets to sashay around the house as a happy kitty.

Keep Them Healthy

Your pet’s safety is always our top priority. We’ve obsessed over every little detail to ensure that every sip your cat takes is as
healthy as can be. Not only is our cat waterer 100% toxin-free and comes with an opaque design that prevents mold growth,
but we’ve also included 1 FREE triple-action fountain filters for enhanced safety. The filters remove calcium and magnesium
from hard tap water that can cause urinary tract complications, eliminate stray hairs and debris, and remove chlorine odors to
make for a pleasant-tasting drink.

Here are more reasons that make our cat fountain extra special:

– Has an ample 3-liter (100oz) capacity to prevent constant refilling.

– Sturdy base prevents it from tipping over like others do.

– Fitted with a long-lasting, quiet, and energy-efficient pump.

– Easily disassembles for a hassle-free clean.

– Compact design with a thoughtful height that suits most cats.

– Operates automatically and conveniently plugs into an AC outlet.

– Beautiful design makes it a unique cat owner’s gift.

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