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Cat Power Scratching Sphere


  • Unique design
  • Cats love to scratch this
  • Tassle on top is perfect for swatting, cats love to swat
  • Sturdy construction

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Product Description

Cat Power Scratching Sphere with Tassel Toy 7130 provides a dedicated place for scratching and stretching, alleviating destructive behavior to household objects.

Sphere shape provides additional opportunities for jumping and pouncing while the feather tipped tassel engages your cat in play. Watch as your cat stretches and tones while keeping nails groomed and paws strong.

Handsomely finished base lends a furniture feel to complement the durable jute wrapping and integrates with any room décor.

Our Cat Power Scratching Sphere ships already assembled and will last for years to come.

Sturdy circular base is 11 3/4” in diameter, sphere measures  11” in diameter with a total height of 13”.


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