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Help your cat beat the summer heat with these tips



It’s summer time and you know what that means. No I’m not talking about the over abundance of children running around your home or the lack of original programming on network TV (Reality excluded of course).

No my friends, what I’m talking about is summer time heat and the trouble that can mean for your cat. I’ve come up with a few helpful tips that every human needs to follow to ensure their cats summer is a pleasant and cool one!

Tip #1- Make sure your cat has plenty of fresh water (Duh!)

Ok I know this seems like a big duh no kidding genius but it’s something you don’t wanna skimp out on. Not in this heat. Always make sure your cats have plenty of water bowls in and around your home. Refill it everyday with fresh water. I like to throw a couple of ice cubes in it just to keep it cool.

Don’t forget to water your cat!

Placing the bowl in the shade out of direct heat is also a good idea. If money is no object, lucky you, consider buying a water fountain specially made for cats. There’s plenty out there to choose from and most model will recirculate and filter a constantly running stream of water. Some even have built in cooling system. How cool is that?

Tip #2- Keep a fan turned on in your home to circulate the air

Is there nothing worse than having to sit inside a stuffy confined area? No, so do your indoor cats a favor and leave a fan or two running to help increase airflow. The moving air alone should provide enough of a breeze to help ease your cats suffering during those long stuffy days while he awaits your arrival so you can let him out into the backyard.


…and speaking of letting your indoor cats go outside,


Tip #3- Let your indoor cat go outside and get some fresh air

Let’s face it. 99.99% of cats would rather be outside. Do your cat a favor, make sure he has all is shots up to date and let him visit the outdoors every now and then. Yes it’s flea season but a few drop of anti flea drops should help out in that department.

Letting your cats out when you get home will mean all the world to him. The cool fresh evening air will cool him down and gives you a chance to spend some quality time with him as you sit on your porch/yard and sip a tall cold glass of lemonade. How awesome is that?

Tip #4- Never leave your cats unattended in a car

As tempting as it might be to take your cat to the store with you while you run in for a gallon of milk don’t do it. Temperatures can quickly climb to deadly degrees in the summer. You wouldn’t do it with children (well most of you wouldn’t) so don’t do it with your cats.

Never leave your cats unattended in a car. You never know what can happen.

Ok I lied there’s only 4 tips.

Well that’s all folks. Follow these tips and you and your cat will have a happy and cool summer season. Don’t follow these tips and you run the risk of getting car jacked by one very angry cat (See above pic).

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