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4 cat trees for the less than $100

Here are 4 really cool cat trees that prove you don’t have to break the bank when buying a tree for your cat. All these trees are less than $100 and come with enough stuff to keep your cat entertained for many years to come.

The Savanna cat tree from Kitty Mansions offers big fun at an economical price. It features perches for siting, posts for scratching and a condo cubby for napping. With a plethora of levels, your cat will climb to his hearts content.

Big fun for a small price!

Speaking of Kitty Mansions cat trees, here’s another one of their products, the Athens cat tree.

This plush, faux fur carpeted tree features an extra soft cat bed mounted way up high, giving your cat a safe and comfortable place to catch some much needed rest.

If your cat is feeling lazy he can hang out in the tunnel tube located below hanging off the first level platform. Stairs lead to he higher levels. This tree also features dangling balls just begging to be swatted.

At such an affordable price you can’t afford not to get it for your cat.


Cats prefer to sleep somewhere up high. It gives them a sense of security not to mention the fact they hate being bothered by children or other small pets while napping.  Here’s a great tree that provides some much needed height for napping.

With an assortment of condos sitting up high, this piece gives your cat everything he needs for work and play.



Lastly we have a 62″ tree from Go Pet Club. This monochromatic tree comes in a grey black color scheme. Notice the paw shaped platform and the plush bed on the top level. They are both perfect for sitting or laying down and taking in a quick nap.

The hanging ball and rope assembly gives your cat something to swat at. Cats love swatting!. A condo in the middle gives your cat the privacy he needs for napping. In addition to swatting, cats also love sleeping somewhere that’s quiet and out of the way. He’ll no doubt get all the privacy he needs with this tree.


These 4 condos prove that you don’t have to spend a fortune when buying a cat tree. Hopefully you find some thing here that fits your budget.

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