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A tree inspired cat tree


Here’s a tree that while not as life like as other trees that I have written about here on this site (this one comes to mind), this cat tree gets it’s inspiration from, well, real trees.

This is a fun cat tree that doesn’t take itself too seriously. How a tree takes itself seriously I don’t know, but this tree with it’s brown bark center and green leaf perches, is sure to add just a bit of whimsy to any room it’s placed it. You can combine it with other cat trees of the same design and build your very own forest right in your own home. I’m sure your cat will appreciate that, not so sure about your family though. Or you can buy just one and place it near a window, giving your cat one awesome view. And when Christmas time rolls around, hang some lights on it and place a star at the top. Voila! Instant Christmas tree.

Whether for fun or functionality, this tree will make a great addition to your home and your cats life.

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