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A very cool Crooked Kitty Condo


Here’s a fun kitty condo that should spice up your cats life. The two story Crooked Kitty Condo is a fun filled whimsical condo with multiple entry ways, giving your cat the option of poking his head or paw out to say hello. The crooked design adds a unique twist that most cat condos don’t have.

You get to pick the front side and rear colors. Choose from orange, beige, brown, dark blue. Once you pick the basic colors, Catsplay will provide their own “twist” giving you a truly unique, whimsy filled piece.

Visit Catsplay now to purchase this the Crooked Kitty Condo today!

CoolKittyCondos is a cat lifestyle site dedicated to enhancing the physical and mental well being of our feline friends.

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