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All in one litter box enclosure, cat bed, feeding trough


Here’s a pretty neat idea for those of you with limited space in your home. This all in one unit features a litter box enclosure, feeder and cat bed all in one pint sized cube. Perfect for you apartment dwellers where space might be a limited commodity.

I found this this high quality home crafted box on Etsy. You can find tons of really cool cat furniture on that site. This particular item can be ordered and shipped within 10 business days.

The  litter box sits below in a pull out drawer that makes cleaning very easy. The enclosure gives your cat all the privacy he needs to conduct his catly duties. The door to the enclosure measures 7″ x 8″, large enough for all but the chunkiest cats.

The top part of the unit features a 2 water and feed dishes. A comfy bed gives your cat a place to lay down when he needs a rest.

Made out of pine wood and stained in golden oak with a clear polyurethane finish, this all in one litter box enclosure, cat bed, feeder will make a fine addition to your home.

Price $199.00

Order now at Etsy (Will build and ship out within 10 business days)

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