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Attack of the CAT-AT!


I can officially say that now I’ve seen it all. This Empire Strikes Back Imperial Walker “AT-AT” inspired cat “condo” (can I even call it a condo?) is one of the most awesome cat/Star Wars things that I’ve ever seen.

On the outside, it’s an Imperial Walker ready for rebel destruction, on this inside it’s a fully furnished luxury cat condo with enough amenities to satisfy even the finickiest of felines. From a fully furnished wet bar, to indoor plant and wall art, this condo is for the true fine living cat.

What started out as a joke by it’s created turned into one of the coolest cat condos ever created.

Sorry folks. You can’t buy this in any stores. Although maybe now you’ve been inspired to create your own. All it takes is a whole lot of wood, carpet and power tools not to mention a whole lot of imagination and creativity.




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