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Cat bench, bed, cabinet and litter box


This all encompassing cabinet features just about everything you could possible need for your cat. It quadruples as a cat bed, bench, storage cabinet and litter box enclosure all in one attractive unit. Store all his food, grooming supplies, toys and treats in one place. 

The center cabinet is where your cats litter box goes, keeping it completely hidden from the rest of your home. You cat should appreciate the privacy he’ll get from that. Set it by a window and put down a big comfy pillow and your cat will lay for hours enjoying the view. This cabinet has everything you and your cat could possibly need. It’s definitely a must have for cat owners who love a little bit of organization and cats who love their privacy.

Cat bench, bed, cabinet and litter box.


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  1. Hello,

    Am very interested in this bench, however, I would need to know the dimensions, color options and price. I don’t see that information on here.

    Thank you,

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