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Double tunnel cat perch


Here’s a product I like that’s perfect for window side lounging. You can place it next to a window to give your cat a great place to lay in and look outside at all the activity of the outside world.

This double tunnel cat perch gives him his choice of two cozy carpeted tunnels to stretch out in. Each tunnel will make him feel safe and secure as he lays and looks outside pondering some of life’s most deepest mysteries. Plus, since the entire structure is wrapped in pile carpet, it makes for a great scratching post, which also helps your cat get in a few good stretches. What better way to wake up from a day of pondering than to get in a good long stretch.

This simple small sized cat perch will make a great present to any cat who loves to sit by the window and look outside, which by the way is most cats!

Double tunnel cat perch
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