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Get a cat tree with some contemporary flair


Modern cat designs are all the rage these and for good reason. These contemporary styles with minimal flair fit in with just about any modern styled home. They give an up to date fresh look that you can’t get with the typical carpet style cat furniture. Plus, they just look great.

Th Sebastian Modern Cat Tree from Catsplay comes in your choice of black or white finish. Some amenities include a bottom post level that is lined with a sisal scratching material, giving your cat something to sink his claws into. Carpet lines the second and fourth levels, giving your cat a comfy place to lounge. A cubby on the second level gives him a place to hide come bath time, or a cozy hideaway to catch some much needed zzz’s.

This modern designed cat tree makes a great addition to any modern style designed home.

Price $289.95
Buy it now at Catsplay


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