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Go Pet Club Huge Cat Gym


Complete with a wide assortment of just about everything your clowder of cats could possibly ever need for fun and play, this huge sized cat gym from Go Pet Club is truly a one stop shop for everything from sleeping, playing, climbing, scratching and just plain hanging out.

Comes with a cat condo, multiple cat perches, hammocks, scratching posts, dangling ropes tied to toys on the end and tunnels. The top pole is adjustable and can attach to the ceiling for extra support.

Make your cats the happiest cats in the neighborhood. Get them this huge cat gym today!

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  1. Leslie Thompson-Tremblay
    October 7, 2014 at 4:35 pm

    Could you please advise me if you ship to Canada. In your mailing address for shipping, you do not have Canada listed. With thanks.


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