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Give your cat his very own cat bed

I wonder if they make this in human size

Not all cats like to sleep on a pile of dirty clothes. If your cat is of the picky variety, maybe you should get him his very own cat bed. One that’s plush, comfortable and gives him a good nights sleep.  Here’s a few picks of mine that Im sure your cat will love.



The K&H Kitty Cup Bed – Your cat’s gonna look like a giant peanut butter cup. But he’ll definitely sleep the whole night away in this plush microfleece, easily washable bed. Just be careful not to eat him.






K&H Kitty Crinkle Sack Cat Bed – This bed duplicates a paper bag, which all cats love, right down to the crinkly sound a paper bag makes. It’s lined with plush lambswool sherpa and is easily washable. Your cat can sleep and play in this sack like cat bed. Just make sure you put it far from your bed so that you can get a good nights sleep.




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