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Make sure your cat has a warm place to sleep when winter and colder temperatures arrive

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Winter and cold temperatures approaching

Winter is just around the corner and with the new season brings wet weather and older temperatures which our cats (even though they come equipped with fur coats) are especially susceptible to.

Here’s a few tips to help keep your cat out of the cold.

Cold air sinks, your cat will head for higher ground

Remember, our cats spend most of their time lower to the ground then us bi-pedal creatures. And as we all know, cold air sinks. So when it comes to finding a place to bed for the night, cats will normally seek out places that are higher up (like the top of a bookshelf) and closer to warmer air (which rises) in the winter time.

Help your cat out by placing his favorite blanket or towel up off the ground, on a couch or shelf that he can easily reach. Another option is to just invite him up on your bed. That way he can help keep you warm too. Win win for both of you.

Heated cat beds

If sleeping in your bed isn’t an option, and you don’t want your cat to climb on your bookshelves, you might wanna consider purchasing a heated cat beds. They’re just like electric blankets, but they’re made for cats to keep them warm and cozy at night. You can find them at your local pet stores or visit the cat beds section of this site.  With a heated cat bed, you plug it in and adjust it to whatever temperature you want. Or you can go the non heated bed route. There’s a wide variety of shapes, colors and materials to choose from when it comes to cat bedding.

Check out these wide selections of heated and non heated cat beds for your cat.

Place bed out of drafts

Whatever type of bed you choose, make sure to place it in a corner away from any doors or windows that might create drafts. Also keep it away from direct heat sources like a vent or radiator. Place it in a warm, quiet, tucked away corner where your cat is sure to get a good nights sleep.

With the winter season and colder temperatures approaching, it’s best to plan ahead to make sure your cats have a warm and cozy place to sleep.

Happy winter sleeping for you and your cat!

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