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Protect your couch with a special pet sofa protector

So you got a pet who loves to scratch and claw all over your pretty new couch. What do you do to protect your favorite piece of furniture?

You get sofa protector of course. One specifically designed to be scratch, claw, stain, soil and everything else pet related resistant.

With the Sure Fit Furniture Friend Linen Color Sofa Protector, your pet gets to hang out with you on the couch and your furniture stays protected and in it’s original pristine new condition.

It features a thick quilted material that withstands any and all pets(unless it’s a horse.) It’s machine washable too, so when it gets dirty you just throw it in the wash for a quick an easy cleaning. It’s that simple.

So if you find your couch is in need of a little protection, check out the Sure Fit Furniture Friend Linen Color Sofa Protector. Your pet and couch will thank you.

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