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Some not so big kitty trees

If you live in an apartment or a smaller home, then some of the traditional cat trees might be just too big for your home. Well fear not. There are plenty of smaller sized kitty trees available for even the tiniest of spaces. Here’s a few of them for you to check out.




This condo from EliteField is a pretty cool little condo that features a really comfy looking hammock and a tube mounted high. It features 3 scratching posts and 2 perches. Just large enough for your cat to lay down and take a rest of give his claws a good work out, but small enough to fit just about anywhere.  Very fun for your cat







This cool tree, the New Orleans, proves good things can come  in small packages. It’s jam packed with lots of goodies to make your cats day filled with fun and lots and lots of naps. It features 4 scratching posts with 3 punching bags and a condo to sleep in. It’s made out of a plush faux fur giving your cat the perfect cozy place for those lazy naps.






The Brooklyn is slightly bigger than the other condos on this list but not so large that it will consume an entire living room. If you have a multiple cat household, this condo is big enough to provide hours of fun for 2 or more cats, but still small enough to not require you to live in a mansion. It features multiple punching bags giving your cats something to smack around a bit and plenty of scratching pads to stretch their claws on. Perfect for smaller homes with multiple cats.


Well there you have a few not so huge cat condos that prove you don’t have to live in a large house to be able to give your cat a condo. Get him one of these smaller sized condos and your cat will love you even more so.

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