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Help ease your cats neck strain during meals


Here’s something most people never really consider, the comfort of your pets neck when it comes time to eat. This elevated feed and water dish set reduces the neck strain in your cats muscles when they eat.

By placing his food and water on an elevated level it keeps his head horizontal reducing tension in his neck muscles. Something your cat and his neck muscles should appreciate. Of course, cats do spend the majority of their time with their heads down so how much neck strain could they possibly feel when eating, right?

Still, this is a pretty cool product because this dish set puts the space underneath the two bowls to good use by doubling as a food storage container making it ideal for travel.

Comes with two stainless steel dishes and an airtight storage container that holds up to 13 lbs of food. Non skid rubber feet prevents skidding.

So, whether for travel or to help ease neck strain, consider upgrading to this sleek and stylish elevated dish set.

Price $22.55
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