Top 10 signs you have a cool cat

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The top 10 signs you have a cool cat!

Think you've got a cool cat? Here are the top 10 signs that will prove it. If you cat meets the criteria here, than you just might have yourself one cool kitty!
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Zoom Zoom!

How can you look at that picture and not think he's cool?
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He looks great in a top hat

A dapper cat is a cool cat. And all coo cats look great in a top hat. Does yours?
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How dapper

If you're always asking your cat for fashion tips or he helps you pick out your wardrobe, then you've got a cool cat.
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Cool cats have lots and lots of other cool friends

It's a well known fact cool cats attract other cool cats.
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This goes without saying.
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Eat your heart out Chuck Yeager!
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Look at me ma!!!

Cool cats love to poke fun of themselves.
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Eat your heart out Socrates!

Cool cats are not ones to be above questioning the meaning of it all.
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He's toilet trained

This really should be number 1.
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He's not the cat you need, but he's the cat you deserve.

Now if only he had Bruce Waynes money.


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