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A cat tree perfect for the multiple cat home


Here’s a cat tree that is perfect for all you multi cat homes out there. It features an abundance of platforms, scratching posts, ramps, toys and other amenities that should keep your cats busy playing, sleeping or just hanging out for hours on end.

2 condos, one large and one medium sized, give your cats a safe cozy place to snooze the day away when things get hectic down below. 3 cat perches sit way up at the top of the tree, giving your cats even more places to climb way up high and survey everything that goes on below. If your cat is like mine then you know that one thing cats love doing is climbing up on top of the highest piece of furniture in the room to watch his humans dally around down below.

Another important aspect to consider when deciding whether or not to give your cat his own tree to climb is that if you have dogs or small children in your family, a cat will sometimes climb up on top of things like bookcases or other tall places to get away from them should problems like fighting or too much rough play ever occur. It’s always a good idea to provide your cat a safe place to escape to that’s out of reach of other pets or small children.

Perfect for multiple cats or even just one, this cat tree will bring plenty of good times all the cats that are lucky to have it.

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