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For the cat who loves to climb!


This cat tree was made for cats who love to climb. Yeah, I know, which cat doesn’t love to climb, right? But this tree was especially made for the climbing cat. It’s an 80 inch tall tree that comes complete with 2 condos, 3 perches and more scratching posts than your cat will know what to do with. Not to mention a really comfy kitty hammock.

Some reviews did complain about a tendency to wobble, but that can be fixed by anchoring to a wall or piece of furniture if you have to.

This tree is perfect for the multiple cat household, or for one extremely lucky cat. Finding a safe high up place to nap is no problem here, With 3 cat perches and two condos set way up high, your cat will have no problem napping. Or if he chooses he can nap in the extra comfy plush hammock.

Whether your cat wants to nap, play, scratch or just lounge around, your cat will have no problem accomplishing any of that with this awesome cat tree.

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