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A huge cat gym at a not so huge price


Tons of Fun at an inexpensive price
Here’s a giant sized cat gym that comes with a not so giant sized price tag. At just $210, this cat gym comes with an assortment of cool stuff to keep your cat engaged in fun and play throughout the day.

This gym features tons of posts to scratch, ladders to climb, and tunnels to hide in, there’s no way your cats going to be bored with this gym. With so many fun filled amenities, this gym will provide years of playtime adventures for your cat.

Perfect for napping!

When playtime is over your cats will love napping in their choice of cozy condo hideaways (2 condos to choose from). Not to mention the comfortable kitty hammock3 (3) and cat perches (many) that come included, giving him his choice of nap time destinations.

Whether for fun and play or naps and lounging, this cat gym will make a perfect addition to your cats lives.

Price $210.00
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  1. I really want this huge cat tree condo for my kittens, but so far none of the sites that supply it ship to Canada. If you know where i can purchase this item in Canada or a website that does ship here please let me know. My kittens would love this.


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