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Design your own cat tree with this modular Mega Kit Cat Perch


Here’s a great product for you creative, do-it-yourself type individuals.

This modular cat tree is made out of pipes connected by heavy duty ABS joints allowing you to design and create any kind of play structure you want. Think of it as a giant Lego set, but for your cat! If your cat gets bored, take it all down and design something new to rouse his interest.

Buy two sets and connect them together to create one giant play unit. Create the perfect jungle gym for your cat. Comes with heavy duty coated tear resistant fabric and 4 durable scratching posts that can take hours and hours of heavy duty scratching! Your cat will appreciate that. Comes with plug ‘n play catnip filled plush toys to peak your kitties senses.

Whatever you create, this cat gym will give your pets years of fun.

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