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A tree that has everything your cat needs


Here’s a pretty cool cat tree that has just about everything your kitty needs for fun and sleep. It has plenty of place for your cat to climb up high and stretch his paws, as well as more than enough scratching posts to keep his sharp claws busy away from your furniture.

When play time is over and it’s to sleep, he has his choice of a second level cat condo, or two hammocks to sleep in. Faux fur lines each of the hammocks and different levels. Each scratching post is wrapped in all sisal rope, perfect for scratching and clawing.

A set of steps wrapped in sisal makes reaching the second level a breeze. You know, when your cat is too lazy to jump up there.

The top perch gives your cat a birds eye view of your home. Cat’s love birds eye views of things, especially when things get hectic down around the ground level.

This cat tree is available for purchase at Amazon.


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