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Give your cat a really cool place to hang out this summer


Summer is here and your cat will need a really cool place to hang out. A place that offers him everything he needs to get through those lazy summer days. Whether it be napping or playing, your cat must be entertained.

This tree has everything your playful or sleepy kitty needs. It offers enough condo  enclosures to give him the privacy he needs to catch those lazy summer naps without interruption from you and your family. As much as your cat loves you guys, let’s be real, when he wants a quiet place to sleep, he will go to great lengths to find it.  Even if it means hiding out from you guys for a couple hours. Condos give him just that. A quiet place to go and seclude himself from the going ons of daily life.

And if he’s not tired and is feeling a little frisky, he can spend his time climbing up on all the scratching posts and platforms and other assorted climbing thingies this tree offers. It’s full of fun and adventure!

So whatever your cats needs are this summer, rest assured that this awesome cat tree will have what your playful, sleepy kitty needs.

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