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Cat napping just got a whole lot funner. Precision Pets is the producer of these cat beds and they’re taking cat bedding in a whole new direction with these stackable modular pieces. With their stackable tunnel like design for added fun, these beds take napping to a whole new level.

These beds support cats weighing up to 25 lbs. Now that’s a hefty kitty. Each bed comes with a removable and machine washable polyester mattress pad. Comes out easy for washing. A feather teaser also comes included, giving your cat something to swat at!

These beds look very stylish and the fact that you can stack them one of top of each other gives those of you that are short on space the ability to use up the vertical space in your living room to accommodate many cats, giving each of them their own private sleeping quarters. What a great way to make use of that vertical space.

Your cat will love having his very own stackable modular cat bed. Make him a happy kitty and pick him one up today.

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