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Spice up your boring walls with these cat themed wall decals


Is there anything worse than having to stare at bare walls in your living room? Let’s all agree that empty white walls can be pretty boring. So what’s a cat lover to do to inject some life in those empty walls? Well Catsplay just may have the answer for you.

Catsplay introduces a brand new line of cat themed wall decals. These decals will add some life to your boring, bare walls, giving your room an entirely new and inviting look. Easy to go up, easier to come down. They won’t damage your walls or strip the paint if you want to take them down.


You can combine these decals to go along with their complete line of cat shelves, tunnels and tall cat trees, creating some pretty cool designs. Your imagination is your only limit so go wild with it. Take a look at some of the pics below to help get some ideas.

Catsplay has a pretty good assortment of different decals for you to play around with and they’re pretty inexpensive too, giving you a fun and light on the wallet (always important) way to totally change the look of your living room.

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Check out some of these samples.

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