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Treat your kitty to some Big Baby Comfort

If you’re looking to treat your cat like the big baby he is, Brawny Cat has the perfect solution. Introducing the “Big Baby Comfort Lounge”. These beautifully handcrafted cat lounges give your pets all the creature comforts of home, and then some!

These lounges featuring a sculpted side bolster design that helps give your cat the perfect flow for his body, supporting his spine, head, neck and shoulder, giving him the comfort and support his body needs after a busy day of performing his cat duties. He’ll need his rest and this lounge will give him the perfect place to get it.

The interior “Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Padlet” refill insert (replaceable) is hand-layered and hand-burnished, providing both a durable scratching surface and a soft  to the touch bed, perfect for those cat naps.


A hidden storage compartment provides a great place to store all his favorite treats and toys.

These gorgeous cat lounges are custom crafted in the Pacific Northwest and are available in Natural Cedar, Dark Mocha and Dark Cherry. A cat safe satin finish overcoat gives it added protection. And since they’re made of authentic, old growth Pacific Northwest Western Red Cedar, these lounges will look and smell great!

Stainless steel legs with floor safe felt pads keep the bed elevated off those cold, damp and drafty floors, keeping your kitty warm, safe and secure when catching those much needed zzz’s. He’ll appreciate that!

So if you’re looking to give your special kitty an extra special treat, check out the Big Baby Comfort Lounge and all of the products over at Brawny Cat today!

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Available in many colors.
Hidden storage compartment gives you a great place to keep his favorite toys and treats

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