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Like like cat trees are really popular with cat lovers these days and with good reason. They provide an attractive, natural looking alternative to traditional pile carpeted shag trees of old. These trees are made to look just like the real thing, giving your cat a more natural outlet to climb, hide and play.

The Sprout Lifelike Mature cat tree from Catsplay is handcrafted and made out of real live trees. The leaves are fake though. They’re made out of silk but they are so real looking it would be hard to differentiate them from real leaves.

There’s platforms that are made out of wood and pile carpet, giving your cats a place to stand or just sit and take in the view. There’s an especially attractive rustic looking cat house that forms the base of the tree. With it’s wood shingles, it adds a country charm to the overall appearance of this tree.

The model show above is the largest one they have available. At a price of $1299, it is a bit on the expensive side. They also sell smaller models at a much reduced price. Check out their full line of lifelike cat trees here.

Price: $1299
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