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Catsplay introduces the Cat Power Tower


Here’s a new and interesting cat tree from Catsplay. It’s called the Cat Power Tower and it’s definitely not your ordinary run of the mill cat tower. This one is constructed out of natural wood that comes in two finishes; natural and early American. Both look great.

About the only carpet you’ll see here are on the lounge pads. So if you’ve just about had with cat towers that are all wrapped up in carpet, this should come as a welcome relief. There’s also two sisal wrapped scratching pads. One round, and one flat board.

Watch the fun your cat will have trying to catch the ball in the holes.
Watch the fun your cat will have trying to catch the ball in the holes.

The entire tower has a pretty unique rustic feel. Although not the country log cabin type rustic feel that I’ve written about before (this cabin condo comes to mind). This tower has a look all it’s own that should appease those of you that are looking for something, not so shag carpet. You know what I mean, right?

Another really interesting feature is the, Hunting Hole Platform. It’s basically a box platform with holes cut into it that’s filled with a few balls for your cat to try and capture. Cats love these types of toys and if you’ve seen a cat play with one of these toys then you know how much amusement they get from it. It’s pretty cool to watch them.

Overall it’s a pretty cool new tower with lots of features that should bring your cat or cats hours and hours of daily fun.

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