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Your cat will love this really cool jungle themed cat tree


Kitty Mansions has a reputation in the cat condo industry of making some really good, high quality products. The 50″ Oak Cat tree is no exception.

This tree features all the amenities you might except in a tree. From scratching posts and resting perches to a little tunnel hideaway smack dab in the middle. The green and brown color scheme gives it a cool jungle theme. Your cat will think it’s in the Amazon hunting down potential prey.

One thing that sets apart the cat trees produced by Kitty Mansions is that they claim their products are made with plush carpet that is thicker than the competition. I have not independently tested this so I don’t know how much thicker their carpet is. All I know is that a lot of their creations do offer cats and their humans plenty of choices for unique and interesting cat furniture that you might not find anywhere else.

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