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Update your style with this modern cat tree


Who says cat furniture can’t be of the modern styled variety. The Acacia Cat Tree is just that. A simple, modern, styled cat tree without all the carpet and fluff of older style cat trees. You can put this in the middle of your living room and everyone will think it’s a bookcase or something. But only you and your cat will know it’s true purpose.

And with it’s smaller size, you can put this just about anywhere in your home and it won’t take up a ton of space. It makes for a great place for you cat to get up off the ground and maybe check things out. You know how much cats love checking things out from higher up.

Complete with multiple levels and mohair inserts attached with velcro (can be easily removed to vacuum or wash) that give your cat some grip when he’s climbing up and down, this tree is perfect for those of you tired of the old styled plush carpeted cat furniture.

Available in white, black or bamboo amber

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